MANTEL Pegboard, 3x2 Size
MANTEL Pegboard, 3x2 Size
MANTEL Pegboard, 3x2 Size
MANTEL Pegboard, 3x2 Size

MANTEL Pegboard, 3x2 Size

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3x2 refers to the pegboard array, ie:
pegs X 2 pegs

(Total pegs: 7)

Board material: Felt, premium PET

Shelf material: Wood, American Oak

Peg material: Aluminium, anodised

select: felt
select: shelving
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by Objct Co
ready on the..

MANTEL™ pegboard is an everyday carry (EDC) organiser designed to help store and arrange daily essentials in planning and preparation for your day. A day planner for your things.

Wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses.. pin notes, cards and reminders, even your tech.

stored & organised
Ready Anywhere

Place MANTEL by the front door, the hallway or wherever you need to carry and organise your daily essentials.

a mood board
Designed to Simplify your life

Things change. MANTEL changes with your things.

Tomorrow may bring a meeting, a date, or even a party. Plan ahead and organise the essential items you can't leave home without so you're ready for the occasion.
Keep it all safe on your MANTEL ready the instant you head out.

Sizing / 3x2

MANTEL / 3x2
: 27 cm / 10.6 in
Height: 19 cm / 7.5 in

2Peg Shelf
: 16 cm / 6.3 in
Depth: 9 cm / 3.5 in

install anywhere
Portrait or Landscape

Attach MANTEL pegboard to any wall with its integrated 3M Command Strips, allowing for quick, tool-less relocation as and when desired (or use the dual screw mounting system).

However you hang it on your wall, MANTEL pegboard (and shelves) can be re-oriented between portrait and landscape format whenever you wish.

The Process of Design

It all started with a simple question whilst thinking about a better way to organise and manage everyday carry items: what if a pinboard could also be a pegboard?

That spark of inspiration led to many more questions, mock-ups, prototypes, trials, iterations and creations along the journey of discovery to finding a solution that is simultaneously beautiful, useful and enduring.