MANTEL Pegboard and EDC Organiser

ObjctCo's Mantel Pegboard, Granite / 2Peg Shelf option, w/ charcoal felt pinboard & two wall shelves on green wall with plant ObjctCo's Mantel Pegboard, Granite / 2Peg Shelf option, w/ charcoal felt pinboard & two wall shelves on green wall with plant

Organise Your Everyday

Pegboard + Pinboard w/ shelving

Mantel is a personal pegboard & pinboard with movable floating wall shelving that can be individually customised for convenient storing and organising of everyday carry (EDC) items.

Designed to be placed by a front door, entryway, or wherever a visual prompt for grabbing EDC when heading out is best.

Simply change between portrait or landscape pegboard layout, as well as changing shelving position is seconds.

Mantel Pegboard, Pebble / 2x 2Peg Shelf option with EDC on shelving and pegs, such as keys, phone, glasses, watch, jewellery.
Configuration sketch of Mantel Pegboard 3x2 in portrait & landscape with wall shelving in different positions, or no shelving

Portrait or landscape orientation

(change layout in seconds)

Mantel Pegboard, Pebble / 2Peg Shelf, on green wall, holding EDC like items keys, wallet, sunglasses, ear rings & face mask.

Add or move floating shelves

Objct Co's Mantel 4x2 personal storage pegboard with large oak shelf on a wall. Pinboard: Stone / 3Peg Shelf, anodized pegs
Objct Co's Mantel pegboard 4x2 size for EDC storage with 3 oak wood wall shelves on a wall. See variant Stone / 2Peg Shelf

3 modular user-assembled components

Mantel Pegboard detail: anodise aluminium pegs & American oak wood wall shelving on pinboard felt of Pebble / 2Peg 3Peg Shelf

Floating Wall Shelf

Made from solid oak, the wall shelving attaches firmly to the pegboard by sliding onto the pegs.

Shelves can be quickly moved, added or removed at any time.

Base Board

The Base Board of the pegboard is actually a pinboard. Made from premium quality recyclable nonwoven acoustic felt material.

Being a pinboard means notes, cards and reminders can be pinned anywhere.

The rear of the Board houses a choice between fastened or non-permanent wall fixing methods (ie. for renters).

Screw-in Pegs

Hard-anodised aluminium pegs screw into the Base Board.

The Base Board contains metal threaded holes for the Pegs to fasten to.

The whole product comes flat-pack and is quickly user-assembled and can be reconfigured at any time.

3-Year Warranty

60-Days Free Returns

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orders over $120AUD

Sustainable Materials


Design Process

It all started with a simple question whilst thinking about a better way to organise and manage everyday carry items: what if we combined a pegboard with a pinboard?

That spark of inspiration led to many more questions, mock-ups, prototypes, trials, iterations and creations. The journey finally arrived at a solution that whilst is beautiful, useful and enduring; will also seamlessly slip into daily ritual of heading out and make things run a little smoother.

ObjctCo's design process for Mantel Pegboard with Shelving, with prototypes, mock-ups & felt, wood, plastic material tests