Objct Co's Mantel 3x2 EDC storage pegboard with oak wood wall shelves hanging on wall. Pebble / 2x 2Peg Shelf & anodized pegs


Pinnable Pegboard
w/ Shelving
Mac on Oatmeal or Ash Grey cushion. Australian design Objct Lapod LapDesk storage organiser, with lap table & compartment


Lap Desk
w/ Storage
Pegboard w/ Shelving


Mantel is a reconfigurable pinnable pegboard with movable shelving for conveniently storing and organising everyday carry (EDC) items.

Designed to be placed by a front door, passageway, or wherever a visual prompt for grabbing EDC when heading out is best.

Lap Desk w/ Storage


Lapod is an ergonomic lap desk with an easy-opening, thermally insulated, storage cushion and cable slot.

Designed for working comfortably anywhere with your tech essentials stored and ready inside.




"Absolute game-changer. I have needed this in my life and it's going to make working from my couch and bed so much more comfortable :) I never write reviews but I really just wanted to say this is awesome! Thanks!"

Britt H.
Carlton, VIC, Australia


"I've been working remotely for over 15 years... I've been using the LAPOD since Wednesday everyday between sitting & stand-up desk.....Ohhh WOW.....so simple, so easy, so versatile. Just an AMAZING Team @ Objct Co....your minds are transcendence......please please please keep up the wonderful work."

Henry R.
Melbourne, Australia


"This has been one of our most handiest purchases this year! No more slouching or feeling the laptop heat-up. The storage compartment is perfect too for storing chargers, the laptop sleeve and even the laptop itself..."

Chandni G.
Northcote, VIC, Australia


"It looks so good, and I love being able to store all my bits and pieces together instead of spread around the house! Heaps of space on the desk..."

Vanessa B.
Park Orchards, VIC, Australia


"Loving my LAPOD; it conveniently stores my home laptop, kindle, writing pad + pens ready for my instant use, and then (insert just about any relaxed couch position) extremely comfortable and ergonomic..."

Dave L.
South Melbourne, Australia

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Award-Winning Design

At Objct Co, we design products to help simplify and organise people's daily life, such as the award-winning Lapod Lap Desk and the Mantel Pegboard. We are design-led at every step on the journey towards being simply organised by creating products that are beautiful, useful and enduring.

Award-Winning Design

Core77 Design Award - Notable and Community's Choice Award - Tools & Work
Premier's Design Award Finalist
Good Design Award Gold Winner