LAPOD selected as a Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier's Design Award 2018 - LAPOD lap desk finalist product design

We're really happy to announce that the LAPOD Lap Desk was selected as a Finalist in the 2018 Premier's Design Awards. 

The competition was pretty tough, so we're very thankful to the judges for the great recognition. 

Below are some excerpts from our entry (which can be viewed in full here) 


Our entry dealt with the needs of a changing workforce, be it digital or office nomads: "... all you need at your fingertips whilst simultaneously providing the necessary ‘blank slate’ with which one can focus provides much-needed mental clarity and calm in our age of distraction." 
As well as how LAPODs "environmental credentials go beyond the factory doors and into shipping and logistics for global distribution. The design of the two separable parts allows vertical stacking of individual elements without creating negative space or voids such that there is no transportation of expensive ‘dead air’ (often the case with storage products and furniture)." 
"Although highly durable and long lasting, at eventual end-of-life these same two single-material parts require no disassembly: P.E.T is recyclable and bamboo biodegradable." 
The design sought to simplify the product "without adding unnecessary parts, over-mouldings, fabrication processes or assembly." 
The "brief for a soft ‘homely’ feel was achieved with a deeply textural aesthetic..."