Soft to the touch, yet sturdy and tough. Thin and lightweight, yet enduring and resilient. Colour-fast and textured yet completely washable. Balancing often diverging properties is key to great material selection and development. 

Premium quality rigid PET felt material - LAPOD lap desk with storage

LAPOD's storage-pod/ cushion is made from high-quality rigid P.E.T. felt as it is the only material that ticks all of the above. It's extremely strong and really is built to last! 

Bamboo LAPOD work surface sustainable material lap desk tray table

With a greater tensile strength than steel and capacity to withstand more compression than concrete, it's hard to find a better material for LAPOD's worksurface than bamboo

Bamboo's material properties allow your work surface to be strong, lightweight and very thin at a mere 10mm/ 0.4-inch. 

And after extensive testing, balancing a smooth matte finish with natural grain texture - an excellent surface was achieved that is compatible with your choice of computer mouse.