Designed for Humans Before Computers

Ergonomically, we work in a multitude of different positions: sitting upright or reclined, knees together or spread, maybe one leg over the other, or sitting cross-legged yogi-style in lotus position. To add to this, we aren't really designed to stay sitting still, so it's often a combination of all of the above in some sort of 'human posture shuffle'. 

Ergonomic form of LAPOD lap desk with storage - designed by objct co

In our experience we found most other lap desks to be simple hard rectangles, much like the laptops they were designed for. However, humans are not 'like laptops'. We have curves, bumps, changing shapes and volume, and even sticky-outy bits. 

Work and play anywhere and in anyway with a LAPOD lap desk with storage - designed by objct co

Only the refined ergonomic form of the LAPOD lap desk has been designed so that you can comfortably work and play anywhere, in any way you choose. And whilst aesthetically beautiful, the real function of LAPOD's gentle sweeping shape is to fit us just as well as it fits our things.