No, and very deliberately so. LAPOD is designed to be opened single-handedly so you can use your other hand to reach inside for your things in a simple frictionless motion. If the Work Surface snapped into the Storage Pod (like Tupperware, for example) it would make the process of accessing your things quite awkward and cumbersome (as we learnt during our product development process).

No, never*. The PET felt is a rigid high-pressure moulded part that can withstand a large amount of weight before crumpling (for example, like the weight of a person). So in normal operation it will easily protect (rather than collapse on) your stuff.

*If a sumo wrestler sat on it? Well, in that case never say never.

Because if the Work Surface hinged open you would have to remove all your work/ your laptop off the top in order to access the Storage Pod, then close it and replace all your work/ your laptop back on top of the Work Surface. And that would be annoying.

*Interestingly the first lap desk with storage was designed about 100 years ago and was comprised of a desk drawer that had been removed and had a plank of wood hinged to the top of it. It was a great idea at the time but with the benefit of hindsight we can see the hinged lid was, well... kind of annoying.

The cable slot (scallop recess shape in the Work Surface) acts as a finger grab region to lift and slide the Work Surface to one side thereby opening your LAPOD in order to access your stuff. We recommend sitting the Work Surface with the cable slot positioned away from you (towards your knees/ away from your body) to make it quick and easy to reach and open.

LAPOD is designed for 13-inch and 15-inch laptops. However, all laptops are not born equal. If you think you have a particularly large laptop or even a 17-inch laptop and are "LAPOD curious", email us at hello (at) your laptop Width x Height dimensions and we'll send you a drawing to demonstrate your laptop fit.

The short answer is 'yes'. The long answer is 'it's complicated'. And the obvious answer is yes, however you will have less room inside for your other work essentials (and perhaps snacks). Still, if this is how you want to roll but are unsure if your laptop will fit inside, please email hello (at) you laptop Width x Height x Depth dimensions and we'll send you a drawing to demonstrate this for you.

LAPOD weighs about 1.5kg (or 3.3lb) which is much lighter than other solid bamboo or wooden lap desks. To put that number into context, it is significantly lighter than a 15-inch laptop. Furthermore, LAPOD's large ergonomic form evenly distributes weight across your whole lap.


We fulfil quickly and delivery locally within Australia and ship internationally to most places on the globe.

We fulfil orders same or next weekday (except on public holidays, but sometimes even then). We ship out of our studio in Melbourne, Australia. We offer Standard and Express shipping worldwide. Delivery to metro cities in Australia is normally 1-3 days but can be up to 5. Regional is a little longer on average, of course. (And as we all know covid can change all that at the drop of a hat.)

International order delivery times really do depend on both your location and your country's current covid border restrictions.

Check out our shipping page for more details.

Most anywhere on the globe. If you are entering your shipping details in the shopping cart and cannot see your county in the dropdown list, we don't currently ship there. These days this may be because of some sort of covid logistics issue, but otherwise feel free to email us about it.


For the Work Surface/ wipe with a damp non-abrasive cloth and then towel dry (don't leave it wet to air dry). Don't run it through your dishwasher either.

For the felt Storage Pod/ wash by running under cold water and allow to air dry (do not add excessive heat). Best to catch spills quickly before they fully soak in and stain the felt. You can use a soft clean brush to help wash but be aware that excessive scrubbing will make the felt go a bit "fluffy" when it dries. Again, probably self-evident, but please don't run it through your dishwasher.


Simply email hello (at) of your intentions to return your product (with any feedback if you wish) within 60 days of your purchase date and we'll handle the rest and provide you with a full refund once we receive your order in an 'as-new' condition.

Yes, if you change your mind you can exchange your product for a different colour/variation within the 60 Day Returns period. Just email hello (at) with your intention and we'll make the arrangements with you.

We offer a 2-Year Warranty from date of purchase for materials and parts under normal use conditions. Email us hello (at) if you would like to make a warranty claim and we'll make the necessary arrangements with you.